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Vegan food and purring cats

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Stroking cats at breakfast.

Two cats sit opposite each other on shelves mounted on the wall.Eating breakfast all day while stroking cats? Anyone dreaming of this should drop by the Schanze: At Café Katers Köök, you can order breakfast even at 6 pm - and cats are part of the inventory. For example, Piffey from Ireland, who often has his tongue hanging out of his mouth. Or Keshia from Greece, who likes to lick visitors' hands.

A total of six animals live here. All of them come from animal welfare organizations such as Streunerglück e.V. or Flying Cats. In their new home in Hamburg, they now mainly roam around between the legs of the café guests or climb the climbing tree in the café. And when they are tired of people, they can retreat into a room through a cat flap.

The love of animals shown by owners Rilana Rentsch and Sandra Karolat is also reflected on the menu: all the drinks and snacks at Katers Köök are vegan - including sandwiches, pasta salad, rice pudding and pancakes. All without animal products and all pretty tasty. So a visit is also worthwhile for people who don't necessarily want to pet a cat but simply want to eat a hangover breakfast.

Address: Kleiner Schäferkamp 24, 20357 Hamburg

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