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The mobility budget hvv M

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Added value for companies and employees!

As a company, you can provide your employees with an individual monthly budget for their business and private journeys with hvv M. This allows your employees to choose between all the hvv switch mobility offers. This allows your employees to choose between all hvv switch mobility offers: hvv tickets, Deutschlandticket, MOIA shuttles, SIXT share and MILES cars or TIER and Voi e-scooters. At the start of hvv M, only private use is possible for the time being.

hvv M is a nice added value to retain your staff in the long term or to attract new employees. By using hvv M, you as a company can also make an important contribution to the development of our city, as more and more people are switching to public transport or sharing services for everyday transport.

Our partner, Deutsche Bahn, provides you with an app for the hvv M mobility budget in which you can plan, book and invoice the hvv-m mobility budget for your employees. The budget works for both private and business trips and is optimised for tax purposes thanks to an AI algorithm.

The hvv M mobility budget can then be used by your employees in our hvv switch app. There they can simply add the hvv M mobility budget as a means of payment and use it for journeys with the hvv switch offer. It is just as easy to adjust between private and business travel as it is to keep track of and manage the budget. Of course, your employees need to download the hvv switch app, register in the app and create an account. The hvv M mobility budget can then be set as an additional means of payment alongside PayPal and credit card. The personal access data required for this will of course be made available to your employees.

The hvv M advantages at a glance:

  • Individually customisable for each employee: Set the amount of the monthly budget individually.
  • Directly linked to your payroll system: hvv-m automatically transfers the taxation and payroll data to your payroll system.
  • Maximum tax optimisation: Thanks to an intelligent algorithm, all available taxation options are used.
  • Naturally data protection compliant: Everything is documented in a legally secure manner for tax and social security audits.
  • Greater choice for your employees: Give them the option to decide which means of transport they use.
  • Supplementary to the company car: Would your employees like a smaller company car? Great, then convert the difference into a mobility budget.

Want to know more?

If you are interested as a company, you can of course contact our partner:

Telephone appointment: (040) 3918 1401 (fixed network fee)



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