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Mobility without limits

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Mobility needs a reboot.

We humans have an inner urge to move around. We’re interested in meeting others, discovering new things, and getting closer to one another. Exploring places, achieving new goals, and venturing down new paths. And sometimes we just want to get away from it all.

Movement is driven from inside us.

But why do we have to make it so complicated? We don’t have to split ourselves up into different tribes, like the lonesome motorists, the bike brigade, public transport fans, and hipster car sharers. We don’t have to be wary of rush hour, of the “Horner Kreisel” roundabout, or the “Schlagermove” parade blocking our route. We don’t have to swear allegiance to one single mode of transport. Or register for everything and download the apps of every provider out there on our smartphone. Sooner or later, we will have completely lost our way. All we have to do is free ourselves from all this.

We need to rethink how we move around.

Whether it’s bus, train, ferry, bike, or car. We say yes to everything! Whatever suits us best at any given time. Whatever time that might be. Only once all the different modes of transport have joined forces for us here in Hamburg will we finally have complete freedom of movement.

That’s exactly what hvv switch stands for – the freedom to set off straight away to wherever we’re headed.

Wherever our urge to move takes us. Whether it’s a trip along the river, a night out in St. Pauli, or a visit to your gran’s house. It’s got to be simple, straightforward and enjoyable.

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