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Stations that move: hvv switch stations combine our classic public-transport services with alternative mobility options. Car-sharing, scooters, rental bikes – in short: anything that gets you to your destination. In addition to buses, trains and ferries, at every hvv switch station you will find a variety of options for getting off and on. Switch from bus and train to a share bike or car. Or get off your bike, out of the car and on a train or bus.

More than 90 hvv switch stations are spread across Hamburg – and many more are to follow. Currently, hvv switch stations are available to all users of our car-sharing partners SHARE NOW, SIXT share, MILES and cambio. Vehicles from these providers may be parked there at any time.

You'll find some more detailed information about our hvv switch stations in our FAQ.

Here you'll see the hvv switch stations at a glance: