Your station of modern mobility

The very first hvv switch point opened at the station Berliner Tor in 2013. This was the first time that classic public transport services were extended to include new mobility services. car2go and Europcar were on board right at the launch. DriveNow, Cambio, and StadtRAD were later included as supplement options to the bus, train, and ferry services.

Thanks to ongoing expansion of this initiative, there are now 17 hvv switch points in operation at U-Bahn and S-Bahn stations all over Hamburg. This was followed in 2017 by a relocation into the city’s districts, i.e. located away from classic public transport stations and stops. Smaller hvv switch points were installed in neighbourhoods to provide alternative mobility options right on people’s doorsteps. There are now more than 70 hvv switch points of this kind throughout the city. And this number is growing all the time.

The idea behind hvv switch points is both simple and self-evident. Located either directly at stations or directly in people’s neighbourhoods, we’re creating places where complementary mobility services are made readily available. Free for you to use as and when you need them: Switch from bus and train to a city bike or a rented car. Or leave the bike or car behind that you’ve just been travelling in and hop on a train or bus.

As the range of services available in the hvv switch app grows, so too do the services offered at hvv switch points. At the moment, however, you still need the app of the respective providers like car2go and StadtRAD if you want to use these partner services at hvv switch points. Integration of partners into our hvv switch app is proceeding at full pace. We will, of course, be keeping you updated on all developments here.

Here you'll see the hvv switch stations at a glance: