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Why it’s worth switching to an e-scooter now

The icon for our hvv switch e-ScooterAdmittedly, things got off to a bumpy start. In the summer of 2019, e-scooters suddenly popped up everywhere on Germany’s roads, and some felt the need to test them out to their limits. The result? Drunken races and “Who can fit the most people on one?” contests. Afterwards, the scooters were left strewn across pavements, with irritated pedestrians stumbling over them. It wasn’t just the paintwork that was damaged – their whole image was tarnished. It would be a real shame though if these little scooters disappeared again from our cities. They’re an important part of sustainable urban mobility – when used properly.

How about a fresh start? Here are six reasons why it’s worth switching to an e-scooter right now:


How do I get home from my stop? The so-called “last mile” is often tricky. After all, there are very few people who fancy taking a long walk through their neighbourhood after a bus or train ride. And the next time they take that route they might be tempted to take the car again. Now there’s a joint initiative by Hamburger Hochbahn and the Berlin-based mobility company TIER to open up Hamburg’s outlying neighbourhoods and show just how fast and easy it is to scoot the last few kilometres home using an electric scooter. You'll find more information about that on the HOCHBAHN website. The project will be launched at two locations to begin with: Eidelstedt (Hagendeel, Hagenbecks Tierpark) and Langenhorn (Langenhorn Markt, Langenhorn Nord), where 100 e-scooters will be available at each of the underground stops from the end of May. Customers can grab an e-scooter either by booking it at the station using the app or reserving one in advance. Quick tip: Watch out for combined offers with HVV and TIER.


A study carried out by the University of Cologne found that cars in Germany spend an average of 23 hours a day standing around unused. Most of them in streets that are already jam-packed with parked cars. By the way, did you know that one car parking space can fit 12 e-scooters in it? Here’s a little thought experiment: Think about all the nice things we could do with the extra space in Hamburg if even more cars disappeared from the cityscape? Everyone close your eyes for a moment. Well, what is your imagination showing you?


A quick shopping trip, a ride to the post office or to visit friends – an e-scooter lets you meander your way through the city without then having to spend ages looking for a parking space. Meaning you can reach your destination quickly, saving yourself time and hassle.


At a top speed of 20 km/h, the braking distance is very short. And if you’re focused and looking ahead, you’ll brake in time in any case, and – ideally – no-one will be in any danger. E-scooters are one of the safest vehicles around. The TIER scooters offer additional safety too, as they are even equipped with indicators and a helmet box. That’s safety first!


The best way to relax after work? We say: A gentle ride through the city streets on an electric scooter, enjoying the city lights and the breeze. It’s almost meditative. E-scooters are also ideal when it comes to flirting. You don’t break out into a sweat (unlike cycling on a bike) and you can give each other a friendly wink at the traffic lights. Similar to what bus drivers do among themselves: Hey you, yes, we’re on the same team!


Riding an e-scooter is brilliant fun. Just give it a go!

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