Google Maps & hvv switch

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Sensationally simple

Here’s a really smart feature, out today: Whenever you use Google Maps on your phone to plan your route around Hamburg you can now buy the ticket right there and then in Google Maps – or rather by pressing the link to hvv switch with the suggested public transport route.

Simply click the hvv switch logo in the route suggested by Google Maps and it will open the hvv switch app on your phone. This will take you straight to the tickets in hvv switch where you can buy exactly the ticket you need for your chosen route. You don’t have to know which ticket you need – we’ve already taken care of that for you. Making sure, of course, that it’s exactly the right one for your journey. And if you want to book a MOIA shuttle that’s possible too. In just the same way you’d buy a hvv ticket.

If you haven’t installed our hvv switch app on your phone yet, click the hvv switch logo and you’ll be directed to your App Store – either the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store, depending – where you can download our hvv switch app and start using it.

Good to know: you can take a look at what hvv switch app has to offer before you register. You can also learn more about our app here on our website.

Enjoy planning your routes from now on with Google Maps and hvv switch!


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