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Regional delicacies in Hamburg's Oberhafen

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Market Hall Hobenköök in Hamburg's Oberhafen

Whether fish straight from the cutter or muesli from the social roastery - short delivery routes are the top priority here.

Hobenköök means harbor kitchen in Low German. And that's exactly what Hobenköök at Hamburg's Oberhafen is in a way - among other things: In addition to a restaurant with said kitchen and space for up to 150 guests, there is catering, concerts and other events here - and a market hall that you should definitely have visited.

The offerings here are special because Hamburg and its surroundings always come first: Regionality and sustainability are top priorities for the food. The delivery routes are short, the quantities appropriate. There is fish straight from the cutter from Frisch Gefischt and beer from Wildwuchs, Hamburg's only organic brewery. A manifesto against mass production and for conscious consumption.

If not all the potatoes are sold in the market hall, they end up in the restaurant kitchen. In general, as little as possible should be thrown away. Meat is processed according to the "nose to tail" principle, i.e. whole animals are always purchased and then processed.

A lot is also being done here for food education. At the "Schnippeldisco," children and young people from Hamburg get an introduction to cooking with local vegetables. Events for adults include the market tour with lots of information about regional food. Hobenköök makers Neele Grünberg, Thomas Sampl and Frank Chemnitz are also behind the Open Mouth Food Festival (September 14 to 18), which is taking place in Hamburg for the first time this year. Among other things, Hobenköök will be offering a launch tour with tasting.

Hobenköök Restaurant und Markthalle, Stockmeyerstraße 43, 20457 Hamburg

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