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Our partner MOIA.

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Let MOIA drive you around Hamburg.

MOIA has been operating in Hamburg since April 2019. The mobility service provider is a subsidiary of Volkswagen and a partner of DIE HOCHBAHN in Hamburg. In this joint project, MOIA worked on establishing a new mobility service in Hamburg that had already been tried and tested in Hanover. It made perfect sense to venture down this new path together with hvv switch and become the first partner to extend the hvv – or rather hvv switch – portfolio.

However, the service itself, i.e. ridesharing with the shuttles, is financed entirely by MOIA and operated with its own vehicles and drivers.

How MOIA works.

MOIA operates on Hamburg’s roads with electric vehicles that are intended to supplement the city’s public transport system and offer an alternative to privately owned cars. Users’ destinations are compared and bundled using an intelligent algorithm. The shuttles are then planned so that passengers who have a similar destination or a similar route travel together.

After entering your destination in our app, you’ll be shown when a MOIA shuttle is available and where it will pick you up. You can book this shuttle – either just for yourself or for several people at once. MOIA prices range between the cost of a taxi ride and the cost of hvv tickets. You can pay for your shuttle in the hvv switch app using PayPal.

MOIA Express.

You might have already noticed that MOIA has introduced a new booking class: MOIA Express. These shuttles are still shared with other passengers, but they take a more direct route meaning you reach your destination faster. Information about where exactly you get on and off is also available earlier for each trip. Due to these extras, an Express shuttle costs extra too – like a kind of first-class surcharge. All details can be found here.

This new service will not affect our hvv switch app to begin with. You can still choose from several different booking options when requesting and booking a MOIA shuttle (“MOIA Classic”). MOIA Express will not be available through hvv switch to begin with. If this new booking option is well received by passengers and we also register a high demand, we will of course consider expanding the hvv switch app to include MOIA Express.

MOIA shuttles.

The vehicles, known as shuttles, are driven by a quiet and emission-free electric motor. Electric doors make it easier to get in and out. There are just six seats, ensuring a comfortable ride with plenty of legroom and privacy. Passengers can also make use of the free USB ports and free WiFi.

Where and when will MOIA pick you up?

MOIA's business area already covers large parts of Hamburg and is being expanded further. Take a look here to find out in which parts of the city you can use MOIA.

You can check MOIA's service times here.

If you’d like to find out more about MOIA, please visit their website. Click here for MOIA.

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