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An integral part of Hamburg.

E-scooters have become an integral part of Hamburg. Now we have for you with TIER the first e-scooter provider in our app. The principle with hvv switch is quite simple: select the e-scooter of your choice in the TIER tile, accept the terms and conditions, unlock it and start renting. It's all easy and fast in one go. The e-scooters cost 0.20 euros per minute, for the rental itself there is a unlock fee of 1,00 euro.

On an e-scooter you can travel at up to 20 km/h and thus faster than on foot or on many a bicycle. So ideally suited for short plugs, especially for the way from the apartment door to the bus stop, U- or S-Bahn station. It is important to us that you be responsible when using the e-scooters and adhere to the highway code and the rules provided for e-scooters:

  • You must be 18 years of age or older. Children are not allowed to use an eScooter.
  • On an e-scooter, 0.00% is considered the alcohol limit.
  • Please always ride alone on an e-scooter.
  • Make sure your phone battery is enough to finish your ride.
  • Check the battery level of your chosen e-scooter to ensure a safe ride.
  • Uses the bike paths and streets. If this is not feasible and you have to switch to the sidewalk, please pay attention to pedestrians.
  • Set up your e-scooters so that they do not stand in the way and do not hinder anyone.

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In our FAQ you will of course find all the important answers to your questions.

About TIER Mobility

TIER Mobility is Europe's leading provider of shared micromobility solutions with a mission to change mobility for the better. By providing people with various electric vehicles such as e-scooters, e-bikes and e-mopeds for rent and operating a network of battery charging stations, TIER helps cities reduce their dependence on the car. TIER is currently active in over 140 cities in 15 countries in Europe and the Middle East. With a focus on offering the safest, fairest and most sustainable mobility solution, TIER has been climate neutral since 2020. Information can be found at TIER here. Everything else about TIER e-scooters can be found on the TIER website.

We wish you a pleasant trip.

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