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Holländische Reihe w/h Fiona Tretau

Every hvv switch point is a story in itself - and an invitation to make a point. More than 100 hvv switch points in Hamburg offer a variety of ways to get from A to anywhere. We introduce you to exciting people from Hamburg - on their routes through the city.

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"I am an hvv ultra"

Fashion designer Fiona Tretau has become known far beyond the city's borders with her designs. MUTTI - for Fiona Tretau, 34, these letters have a very special significance: the lettering, printed on socks, shirts or jumpers, is one of the bestsellers of her label The Propcorner, founded in 2017. In addition to "MUTTI" products, you can find jumpers with Carebearz or Britney Spears prints, key rings in the shape of carousel tickets and handbags made from old jeans in her online shop. Everything 100 per cent made in Hamburg.

"I always wanted to make fashion that everyone can afford without having to save for a long time," she says. This was not possible with elaborately sewn designs. "So I ended up with prints and small accessories." And these in turn have become known far beyond Germany via the internet: The Propcorner sends packages as far away as the USA.

Fiona is not only a fashion designer, but also a trained hairdresser, feminist, ex-band member, mother of three children - and a student on the side. She is currently writing and sewing her master's thesis at HAW. We meet Fiona on a spring day at hvv switch Punkt Holländi-sche Reihe in Ottensen, which is right next to the Rothestraße bus stop.

Fiona, you wanted to meet here. Why?

For my life, this stop is a hub: my studio is right around the corner, in the mornings I often go for a walk from here to Jenischpark with my Labrador. My way to sport and university starts here. And when I send parcels with orders from my customers, I drop them off over there.

Do you use the car-sharing scheme here?

It was super convenient for moving my studio. But honestly, I prefer to take the bus. Especially with the 15 that stops here. When someone asks me: "HSV or Pauli?", I always answer: "Only the hvv". I'm an hvv ultra.

How come?

For me, bus and train have always been the way to the big city and thus a piece of freedom. I grew up in Bargteheide, in a suburb north of Hamburg. But I took the train to Hamburg early on; I had my first monthly ticket when I was 14.

When did you move to the city and why?

When I was 16, I started my training as a hairdresser in the city centre. My training expanded my radius: I suddenly had friends from Billstedt to Harburg, and we all visited each other. I drove around the city so much. I knew all the stations of the U1, U2 and U3 by heart - and could list them in the right order. At the time, I had a challenge with a friend.

Do you have a favourite place in the city today?

There are many. But my favourite is probably the Elbe. Running down the little path from Jenischpark to the riverbank and then towards Ottensen is like a short holiday for me every time. And if I don't feel like walking any more, I can always go for a walk.

hvv, hvv switch, Fiona Tretau, Propcorner, Fashion, Design, hvv switch stations, Lange Reihe, Hamburg, Carsharing, MILES, SIXT share

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