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The singing Barista of Ottensen

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The café with serenade-to-stay.

At CODOS in Ottensen there is a serenade-to-stay with coffee-to-go.

For a while, Hamburg was famous for its singing taxi drivers. That was ten years ago, and it has become quieter around the musicians Lovely and Monty and their German lyrics to Indian music. But musically, the city is still good for surprises: currently, among other things, a café with a singing barista is attracting attention: at CODOS in Ottensen, Chase, 33, warbles songs from Adele to Amy Winehouse while foaming milk. And quite skilfully, too.

So hardly anyone wants coffee-to-go there any more - once you're there, you want to stay and listen. Chase has become famous beyond the borders of Hamburg with his musical interludes. 85k people follow him on Instagram. Even television has been a guest.

Yet the native of Lübeck actually works full-time as a management consultant in a large Hamburg agency. But every Sunday he makes coffee, out of passion. Which, by the way, is just as good as the singing.

Almost every Sunday: CODOS, Bahrenfelder Str. 156, 22765 Hamburg - not far from our hvv switch point Nernstweg.

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