I am stood next to two SIXT share Audis parked alongside one another, but the app only shows me one. Is the app not working properly?

This is not an error. This feature has been deliberately built into the app.

  1. It might be the case that one of the two cars is already being rented by another user. Or, in the case of an electric car, the battery might be flat and that is why it is not displayed in the app.
  2. The app only displays different cars within a radius of 1 km. In the case of similar vehicle types of a particular mobility provider, only the one that is closest to the app user will be shown.

By the way, once 5 specific vehicle options have been shown, the customer can access a new map display on the sixth screen (“Nothing for you?”) where all available cars are displayed. So if both cars mentioned are free and available, you will be able to find both on the map this way.