How can you book a MOIA shuttle using hvv switch? What are the requirements?

Once you’ve registered, open the MOIA module on your dashboard. You can then either let hvv switch identify your current location using GPS or enter your desired pick-up point and destination yourself. Then you can specify a desired time for your shuttle. You may be asked to enter additional information needed to make the booking in the app if you haven’t done so already. In order to book a MOIA shuttle you have to: Confirm your email address, enter your first and last name, and your mobile number. You must also deposit a means of payment in your account..

If all requirements are met and a MOIA shuttle is available, you’ll then receive a shuttle offer. You’ll receive all the information you need to make a paid booking, including the location of the virtual stop where you’ll be picked up and where the shuttle will take you so that you’re at least close to your destination. Plus, of course, the arrival time and the price. If you agree to all this, you can then confirm the booking of your shuttle. At this point we authorize the amount on your PayPal account and a consession will be made.