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Where can you return the cars you have rented?

The rental may be terminated within the Hamburg business area (exception: MILES vehicles may also be parked in other cities with MILES business area), at a hvv switch point (as long as it is located in the business territory of the respective partner) or, if it is a rented car from SIXT share, at a SIXT rental station (also outside Hamburg in other cities). You must ensure that the car is properly parked in permitted places in the public road space, according to the road traffic regulations for the next 48 hours. The rental may not be terminated in parking zones with parking discs and in residents' parking spaces.

If you want to return your SIXT Share car to a SIXT station, you can find information here.

As a general rule, parking is not permitted in the following locations or areas:

  • In parking garages, underground garages or on other covered parking areas.
  • In private parking lots (parking garage, backyard)
  • In residents' parking lots
  • In parking spaces with time restrictions that still come into effect within 48h after the vehicle is parked (see General Terms and Conditions).
  • In designated parking areas for electric vehicles (exception: e-vehicles)
  • In no-parking areas that are outlined in red on the map in the hvv switch app.

cambio and Dorfstromer offer station-based car sharing, i.e. the start and end of the rental always take place at the same hvv switch point. The rental of cambio and Dorfstromer cars may only ever be ended at the hvv switch point at which the rental was started.

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