What do I need to know if I want to drop off my car at a SIXT share station?

Once in the Car Return area of the SIXT station, please take the car key out of the glove compartment, end the rental as usual using the app and then lock the car afterwards using the car key. Please return the car key to the key safe or hand it in at the SIXT counter.

SIXT stations are not marked separately on the map in the hvv switch app. Please therefore make sure you know the address of the station you want to return the vehicle to before you start your journey if you want to end the rental at a SIXT station. When you arrive at a particular station you can then follow the Car Return signs.

Please note that if you drop off your car at a SIXT station, you will be charged an additional fee by SIXT share. The rates for this can be found in the SIXT share rate overview. Please also be aware that not all SIXT share rates are valid when using hvv switch. Only the functionalities of the connected partner services offered in the app can be booked using the hvv switch mobility platform.