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And this is the right way.

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Thanks to those who follow the law of the road.

Do you like to ride e-scooters? Then you've come to the right place. Because with Johan, hvv switch has the e-scooter driver par excellence on board.

Johan knows which way to go. Every second, every centimetre. And he trains hard for that. Every day. Whenever possible. Johan is "the coach". At least that's what he thinks. And his mother, with whom he (still) lives, believes it too. After all, it's her Johan.

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And this is the right way.

TIER, Voi, escooter, Coach, Johan, hvv switch, Hamburg, SharingOn an e-scooter, you can travel at up to 20 km/h, which is faster than walking or riding a bicycle. So it's ideal for short journeys, especially from the front door to the bus stop, underground or suburban railway station. Or for a quick trip to a date, cinema, dinner or football stadium.

However, it is important to us that you are responsible when using the e-scooters and abide by the road traffic regulations and the rules for e-scooters:

  • TIER, Voi, escooter, Coach, Johan, hvv switch, Hamburg, SharingPlease always ride an e-scooter alone. If, for example, two people ride on an e-scooter, the braking system will be disengaged.
  • Please do not transport any objects on an e-scooter. There are no fastening possibilities and the objects can fall off the e-scooter and cause accidents.
  • Always hold the handlebars firmly with both hands. Otherwise, a knock against the handlebars could lead to a fall due to e.g. bumps on the road or cycle path.
  • Use the cycle paths and roads. If this is not possible and you have to use the pavement, please watch out for pedestrians.
  • Park your e-scooters so that they are not in the way and do not obstruct anyone. The zones in which you should or should not park your e-scooter are marked green (park) or red (do not park) in our hvv switch app.
  • On an e-scooter, 0.00% is the alcohol limit and you must be at least 18 years old.
  • Children, also and especially, are not allowed on the e-scooters.

TIER, Voi, escooter, Coach, Johan, hvv switch, Hamburg, SharingFollow Johan through his neighbourhood. Afterwards, you will know how to move smartly through Hamburg on an e-scooter. Responsibly, with consideration for others, but still nimble and smart.

However you move through Hamburg, move fairly.

Thank you.

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