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More than 150 hvv switch stations in Hamburg.

Your hvv switch Stations in Hamburg

Find a parking space. Instead of losing your nerve.

Points that move: hvv switch points connect shared mobility such as public transport and car sharing both in the neighborhoods and at central hvv stops.

At each hvv switch point you will find different vehicles to get off and change, for example from bus or train into a SIXT share, MILES, SHARE NOW or Cambio vehicle.

You can recognize our hvv switch points by the parking spaces or floor plates marked with our "rocket". In addition, there is a sign with our partners at each hvv switch point.

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The base plate of an hvv switch point, on which the hvv switch logo can be seen.

Easy parking.

More than 150 hvv switch stations in Hamburg.

A woman in front of an underground station holds a mobile phone up to the camera, on which you can see the hvv switch app.And this is how it works:

To use our hvv switch app and the corresponding offers from SIXT share, SHARE NOW, MILES, hvv, TIER, Voi and MOIA you only have to register once and you're ready to go.

  1. Open the hvv switch app and reserve a SIXT share, SHARE NOW or MILES car for up to 10 minutes free of charge.
  2. As soon as you are in front of the car, you can start your rental. The use of the car will be charged according to the respective rates of SIXT share, SHARE NOW and MILES.
  3. To end your journey, simply park in the business area of the respective provider or at an hvv switch point. You can then easily end the rental via the hvv switch app.

Good to know:

Settings: For the search it is important that the location service of your smartphone is activated.

Find a parking space: as soon as you rent a car, you can see if there is a free parking space on a hvv switch point near your destination.

Parking in general: you can park in all areas within the business area, except in parking garages or in areas marked in red. For car sharing vehicles you do not need to buy a parking ticket in municipal areas.

Car keys: you can usually find the keys in the glove compartment. There are also vehicles with automatic start/stop. With an automatic start/stop system, you start the engine by pressing the brake firmly with your foot and pressing the start/stop button at the same time. You can usually find the button in the front area of the center console.

E-charging stations: By January 1, 2024, car-sharing providers must increase the share of their e-vehicles (e-quota) to at least 80 percent. Accordingly, you'll find plenty of e-vehicles. You can find an overview of all charging stations in Hamburg here.

cambio: is currently not yet bookable via the hvv switch app, but can be rented and parked at our hvv switch points. The prerequisite for this is, of course, that you have an account in the app of the respective provider.

An overview of all our hvv switch points can be found here.

You don't drive a car? One more reason for hvv switch:

Because hvv switch has more to offer than just car sharing. With hvv Any, you can book the right hvv ticket at the best price in no time at all, rent e-scooters from TIER and Voi or book a ride on a MOIA shuttle. You can find more information here.

A woman in front of an hvv switch point holds a mobile phone up to the camera, on which you can see the hvv switch app.

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