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Do it like Johan.

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Love at first click.

No one explains our offers more beautifully than our coach Johann. But the news of the month: He has fallen in love. At the bus stop, of course. Because he always likes to help ...

Have you ever fallen in love at first sight? Love or not: in the future you will definitely have more time to look for the eyes of your fellow men at the hvv stops. Because our hvv Any concept ensures the fastest and most uncomplicated ticket purchase ever.

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Johan is sitting on the bus with his new girlfriend and shows her something on his smartphone.

Do it like Johan.

Johan and a young woman are sitting in a hvv stop. Johan is looking at his smartphone, the young woman is watching him.How does it work? Download the hvv switch app and check in via smartphone or hvv Any with the hvv switch app when boarding the bus, ferry, underground or S-Bahn. We will find out for you how far you have travelled and what the cheapest fare is for you. Do you want to turn back or have a coffee on the way? Or have you travelled so often during the day that a day ticket would actually have been the cheapest? No problem - because with hvv Any you don't pay any more.

The hvv switch app recognises your journeys throughout the day with hvv Any. You will receive the bill for your journeys on the following day. And always at the cheapest and fairest price. Without the jungle of tariffs and so ...

Take your friends with you!

In future, you can also buy tickets for Family & Friends without any complications. Up to four people can check in with you via hvv Any. Whether directly on the first journey or in the course of the day before the next journey. Here, too, the lowest fare applies. Example: If the group day ticket is the cheapest option at the end of the day, you only pay it.

You can easily find hvv Any in our hvv switch app.

When you open the app, you will see the start screen with the hvv connection information. If you scroll further down, you will first see the DeutschlandTicket. And if you then swipe to the left, hvv Any appears. Then simply start hvv Any just before or when you enter the stop and you're ready to go. A little tip: if you use hvv Any several times or often, it will move to the top of our hvv ticket dashboard.

Three consecutive hvv switch app screens show how to call up the hvv Any function from the start page.

And what else?

  • Before you start your journey, activate hvv Any so that your starting stop is recognised in the hvv and the bus, train or ferry you are using. The best way to do this is to enter the respective stop. hvv Any then generates a ticket that covers 100% of your journey with the hvv.
  • Please keep the app running in the background, otherwise the system will not work. This does not mean that you cannot continue to use your mobile phone normally. Just please do not close hvv switch.
  • To check in friends and acquaintances, you will find a button above "Start journey".
  • With hvv Any or hvv switch you can travel seven percent cheaper than with a ticket from a ticket machine.

You can find all further information about hvv Any here.

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