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49€ for nationwide mobility

Deutschlandticket in Hamburg: Everything you need to know

Low cost and low stress: The new Deutschlandticket marks a milestone for public transport all over Germany. What special terms apply in Hamburg and who qualifies for even cheaper than 49 euros – hvv switch is here with all the answers.

1 May 2023 is the big launch date. From then on, the new Deutschlandticket will be valid as a ticket for local and regional public transport throughout the whole of Germany. The new monthly ticket will mean that Hamburg citizens won’t only be able to travel at low cost from Harburg to Eppendorf, but theoretically also from Hamburg’s main station all the way to Garmisch at the other end of the country. It’s the largest fare reform since the company was founded and the lowest priced monthly ticket in 30 years.

For lots of people in Hamburg, the price per month will be even less than 49 euros. That’s because hvv is offering a range of discounts. You can pre-order the ticket in the hvv switch app. We have put together a quick overview of what special terms apply in Hamburg – and who is eligible for the Deutschlandticket at even lower cost.

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Hamburg schoolchildren to pay just 19 euros

The SchulSpezial Hamburg gives school kids a reduced fare of just 19 euros per month. This makes the Deutschlandticket significantly cheaper for young people in Hamburg than in most other German cities – and cheaper too than the monthly tickets for schoolchildren in Hamburg in the past. Up until now they have cost at least 30 euros (Hamburg AB). For all those with an existing subscription, it couldn’t be more convenient: The tickets will be changed automatically on 1 May – and the price automatically reduced.

Deutschlandticket for 0 euros

Schoolchildren from low-income families will receive the Deutschlandticket free of charge.

What will happen with SemesterTickets for students?

SemesterTicketscan be upgraded to a Deutschlandticket for approx. 18 euros. The exact price here depends on the SemesterTicket in question. The tickets will be converted at universities and colleges of higher education. The rules for accompanying children remain the same: Up to 3 children between the ages of 6 and 14 will continue to travel free of charge within the hvv fare zone where the SemesterTicket is valid.

D-Ticket for trainees and apprentices (Azubis) for 29 euros

The long-established BonusTicket for all trainees and apprentices will also be even cheaper with the introduction of the Deutschlandticket: from 1 May, it will cost just 29 euros per month and be valid for journeys as far as Munich, Stuttgart or Saarland –

or, in other words, all over Germany. Here, too, everyone who already has a BonusTicket can sit back and relax: Subscriptions will be automatically converted and debits automatically reduced.

People with low incomes travel for less

From 1 May, the City of Hamburg is increasing its “Sozialrabatt Hamburg” (social discount) from 24.50 to 30 euros, thus reducing costs for many citizens. The Deutschlandticket will now cost 19 euros per month for all Hamburg residents who receive social benefits, allowing them to travel anywhere in Germany. Please note: The Deutschlandticket with this social discount is only available as a chip card, either ordered online or at a hvv service point. Those who already have an hvv subscription won’t need to do anything: The subscription will be automatically converted to the Deutschlandticket and the debit amount will be automatically reduced. If you want to subscribe for the first time you can find out more here.

ProfiTicket: discounts for employees in Hamburg

The Deutschlandticket also means that people with a ProfiTicket will make savings: from 1 May, employees will pay a maximum of 34.30 euros per month –depending on the employer subsidy. The ProfiTicket Premium will also be valid across Germany from May onwards, for a maximum of 25 euros per month, and on public holidays and weekends one adult and up to three children will be able to travel free of charge. The exact price of the ProfiTicket depends on your particular employer – and your HR department will be able to give you more information about this.

Where the Deutschlandticket can be used

The new Deutschlandticket is valid from 1 May on all public transport in Germany, i.e. buses and trams, suburban and

underground trains, and regional trains. It is not valid for intercity trains such as ICE, IC or EC, nor is it valid on long-distance buses or private rail services such as Flixtrain.

No subscription? No problem.

For those who don’t want a monthly subscription, hvv is also offering a range of new discounted tickets: The weekly ticket will be available for 29 euros, while the monthly ticket will cost just 69 euros in future. Both tickets are valid throughout the entire hvv network and cost significantly less than in the past. Just to compare: a monthly ticket for the Hamburg AB area used to cost around 70 percent more, at 118.20 euros. And to use the entire hvv network the price was 262 euros which is almost four times higher.

Another new offer: for just 15 euros more per month there is now a ticket for taking one other adult and three children on weekends and public holidays in the entire hvv network. For 47.20 euros per month, you can upgrade your monthly travel pass to First Class on regional trains.

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