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Make your way around Hamburg faster and easier than ever. With hvv switch, you can buy hvv tickets, rent SIXT share and MILES cars, a TIER or Voi eScooter and book MOIA shuttles using just one single app – and only having to sign up once.

The best features of hvv switch

  • Seven percent discount for all hvv Tickets (except on weekly tickets)
  • The Deutschlandticket subscription for 49€ per month, cancellable monthly
  • Buy hvv single, day and weekly tickets with just two clicks
  • hvv connection information
  • Book and use MOIA
  • Reserve, book and drive SIXT share, MILES and WeShare cars
  • 100% electric and emission-free with WeShare
  • Validate your driving licence only once in the app and use all car sharing offers
  • Book and drive TIER eScooter
  • Secure and convenient payment via PayPal, SEPA direct debiting or credit card (VISA, Mastercard, American Express)
  • Standardised billing for all services
  • Quick and simple registration for all services
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Stripped down.

That’s why there’s now hvv switch! No matter where your route takes you, the hvv switch app gives you the opportunity to choose and book the mode of transport that best suits you. Be it bus, train, ferry or ride-sharing. All in one app! Wherever you want to go, be it home, work, a gathering with friends or your first date – with this app you can book the right hvv ticket, drive a SIXT share or MILES car or ride with a TIER or Voi eScooter or MOIA shuttle in no time at all.

To make sure that you can look forward to even more flexibility moving around Hamburg in the future, we’ll be integrating more and more mobility providers into hvv switch for you. Look forward to further sharing services with hvv switch.

One account for all services. Now you only need one single account to use all modes of hvv switch transport. It’s incredibly easy with just one app, the hvv switch app.

Buy a ticket straight from your phone. The hvv switch app lets you buy different tickets for Hamburg’s public transport system. Quickly and easily. From short-distance tickets and single journey tickets, to day and group tickets.

The Deutschlandticket has arrived

You can also buy the Deutschlandticket with hvv switch. The Deutschlandticket is valid nationwide and you can use buses and trains of public transport, local and regional transport nationwide. With us, the Deutschlandticket can be cancelled on a monthly basis and can be easily and quickly managed by you in the hvv switch app, just as you need it.

hvv, SIXT share, MILES, TIER, Voi and MOIA

hvv is not the only way to get around in Hamburg. Of course, there’s SIXT share, MILES, TIER, Voi and MOIA too!

SIXT share and MILES offer the suitable car for each one of you: electrical, small, compact, luxurious or practical. You'll find a variety of cars, always fitting to your needs.

To use all our car sharing offers, you only need to validate your driving licence once in our app. This way you can easily and directly use all current and future car sharing offers.

On a TIER or Voi e-scooter you can travel at up to 20 km/h and thus faster than on foot or on many a bicycle. So ideally suited for short plugs, especially for the way from the apartment door to the bus stop, U- or S-Bahn station.

MOIA can take you quickly and comfortably to your destination and alleviates road traffic in the city, as you can simply share a ride with up to four other people. No matter where you want to go, MOIA’s electric fleet will take you to your destination emission-free, peacefully and comfortably.

Payment via PayPal, SEPA or credit card

Payment in the hvv switch app is quick and easy using PayPal. You can also deposit a bank account for SEPA direct debiting or a credit card from VISA, Mastercard or American Express as a means of payment.

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One app.
All destinations.