Where can you park car sharing cars?

You can park SIXT share cars free of charge in any publicly accessible car park located within the SIXT share service region in a particular city. Please make sure you display a parking disc in “parking ticket zones”. You don’t need to purchase a parking ticket here. In areas with signs indicating “parking disc zones”, the time you are permitted to park is also limited. Please display the parking disc in your car in a way that is clearly visible. You cannot end a rental and leave the car in one of these “parking disc zones”, but it is possible to park there for a limited time during your rental.

You will find a comprehensive summary of the basic parking regulations for SIXT share in Hamburg by visiting SIXT share. Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with these rules and note that different rules apply outside the Hamburg service region. You can also learn more about this at SIXT share.

As a general rule, parking guidelines apply according to local road traffic regulations. You can find out here in our FAQ what you need to pay attention to when parking outside of a SIXT share service region, or in a multi-storey car park.