Why can’t you register for switchh anymore?

switchh was just the beginning of what is to come. Our aim is to offer you one fast and straightforward point of access to mobility services in Hamburg. switchh marked the starting shot for this extended mobility. The launch of hvv switch now marks the next stage in this development. With the hvv switch app, you’ll be able to make use of all the mobility services that Hamburg has to offer in a fast and simple way from now on, as and when you need them.

Looking ahead, the switchh service will be transferred and transformed into hvv switch. Deactivating the registration option is the first step in this process. To find out about the services offered with hvv switch, please go to the hvv switch app or visit the hvv switch website.

It’s no longer possible to register as a new user with switchh, with effect from 29 June 2020. With hvv switch, we’re offering you a new, straightforward and fast point of access to mobility services. We’re working right now to make sure the switchh partner services can be used as soon as possible with hvv switch.