Yes, you can park during a rental. You will need the car key, which you’ll find in the glove compartment. This allows you to lock the doors and leave the car while the rental is in progress. The cost of the rental will continue during the time that the car is parked. At the end of the rental period, please return the car key to the glove compartment and lock the car using the app.

With MILES, the parking mode is initiated via the hvv switch app. A car key is only available on the vans. Please note that the parking mode is charged per minute. Information on this can be found here.

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You can only end the rental in the same country that the vehicle was initially rented. Either within the service region of a particular city where our sharing partner operate, at a hvv switch point within the Hamburg service region, or at a SIXT station (when you have rented a SIXT share car). You must make sure that the vehicle is properly parked in a designated parking space on a public road where parking is permitted for a 48-hour period in accordance with road traffic regulations. The rental vehicle may not be left in parking zones with parking discs or in resident parking spaces.

If you’d like to return your car to a SIXT share station, you can find more information here.

In principle, parking is not permitted in the following places or on the following areas:

  • In multi-storey car parks, underground car parks or on other covered parking spaces
  • In private parking (parking garage, backyard)
  • In residential parking lots
  • In parking spaces with a time limit, which still comes into force within 48h after parking the vehicle (see GTC).
  • On marked parking spaces for electric vehicles (exception: electric vehicles)
  • In no-parking areas that are outlined in red on the map in the hvv switch app
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Fare Zone – Hamburg AB The fare zone known as “Hamburg AB” covers the entire Hamburg metropolitan area, as well as some surrounding towns and villages. Please refer to Rings A and B on the HVV pricing map. Fare Zone – Gesamtbereich Hamburg ABCDE The fare zone known as “Gesamtbereich Hamburg ABCDE” covers the entire Hamburg metropolitan area, in addition to the surrounding regions of Herzogtum Lauenburg, Pinneberg, Segeberg, Stormarn, Harburg, Lüneburg and Stade.

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There are no special restrictions in place when taking luggage onto public transport. The following luggage rules do apply for MOIA though: You can take on one item of hand luggage with you, as long as you can stow it safely in your seat area without disturbing or endangering other passengers. Larger bags or suitcases can be placed in the front compartment next to the boarding area on the shuttles, provided there is space available.

When it comes to car sharing, please be informed about the terms regarding travelling with pets on board here.

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We use LogPay to process the payment transactions. That’s why you’ll find this name on your invoices.

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It is not possible at the moment to take out additional insurance with hvv switch. When you book a SIXT share oder MILES car using the hvv switch app, the only current option is to book with the standard liability limit. Details about this standard liability limit can be found in the SIXT share tarifs.

Good to know: Only the functionalities of connected partner services offered in the app can be booked through the hvv switch mobility platform. You cannot make use of or book any special offers, packages or vouchers available with mobility partners while using the app.

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Simply download our hvv switch app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Then open the app on your smartphone and create a hvv switch account by following the instructions in the app. It’s important that you confirm your e-mail address within 7 days. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to register by contacting hvv switch customer service.

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SIXT share offers its rental and drop-off service at Hamburg Airport and other airports where SIXT has a service region. This service is subject to additional costs. You can find out at SIXT share which locations cost extra to have vehicles rented from or returned to, as well as what costs are involved. Please note that not all SIXT share rates are valid for hvv switch. Only the functionalities of the connected partner services offered in the app can be booked using the mobility platform hvv switch.

You will find the SIXT share station at Hamburg Airport in the multi-storey car park at the P2 terminal.

MILES offers rental and drop-off at Hamburg Airport and other selected airports located within their business areas. There are no extra costs for ending your trip or renting a car. If your journey ends at one of the airports, the barriers to the parking deck open automatically, there is no need to draw a ticket. Further information can be found here.

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Our offer is aimed specifically at users who make use of car sharing. We have created the hvv switch points for this use. For users who own their own e-vehicle, the public charging infrastructure is available.

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That depends on why the validation process was not successful. In the e-mail informing you about the outcome of the validation process, you will usually find information instructing you what to do next. If this information doesn’t help, please contact hvv switch customer service. If you meet the requirements for a successful validation, you can try again using the app or by visiting the service point that is processing your validation. You will need a stable Wi-Fi connection and a device with a camera and microphone to be able to make use of the video identification procedure in the app.

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