After selecting a car from a particular car sharing provider in the app, the service region will be shown on the map with a blue line denoting the outer limit. Any zones where parking is prohibited are shown in red.

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Your shuttle always needs to end at the drop-off point, or – if your plans change en route – at another stop somewhere along the route before the destination you originally requested. If there’s an ur-gent reason you need to alight, you can of course leave the shuttle at other stops. But only if MOIA drivers are able to stop there safely and in accordance with traffic regulations. You share your ride with other MOIA users who have a similar destination. It’s not possible to change your destination during your trip as this would result in their arrival time being delayed. As so often, the idea of community is central here. You can however book a new shuttle once you’ve reached your destination in your previous shuttle.

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MOIA operating hours in Hamburg are currently (as of November 2019): - Mondays to Wednesdays from 5 am in the morning till 1 am at night. - Continuous service from Thursdays at 5 am in the morning till Sunday 6 am in the morning. - Sundays from 8 am till midnight.

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Firstly, we hope that everyone involved is okay. If not, please contact the emergency services before anything else. In the event of an accident or damage to the vehicle occurring, the following must happen: All accidents or occurrences of damage must be reported to the police immediately, regardless of whether it was caused by you or a third party. Even if no third party was involved.

In principle, any accident or damage event must be reported immediately to the police (110), regardless of whether it was caused by you or a third party. Even if no third party was involved. As a renter of a SIXT share, MILES car (or a TIER eScooter), you are obliged to ensure that the respective partner receives all the information necessary to assess what is happening. Therefore, contact the respective customer service immediately by phone on site. Do not leave the scene of the accident until you have done so.

Procedure at SIXT share:

Even in the event of an accident or damage event, the rental ends only after the return of the vehicle. If the car is no longer roadworthy or roadworthy, the rental ends after consultation with the customer service with the handover to the towing company. Send your written accident report or the completed SIXT damage form – at best with photos of all damage and the location of the incident – to the SIXT share customer service. Be sure to inform SIXT share about the police file number. Please check the terms and conditions of SIXT share for a detailed procedure in the event of an accident or damage event.

Procedure at MILES:

You are obliged to report any accident by telephone to the police (110) and miles customer service. This is a requirement of the insurance and an integral part of the GTC.

If you do not report the accident to the police, you will commit a contractual penalty and you will be threatened with a penalty fee in accordance with our Price and Cost Regulations (GTC). After you have informed the police and also the MILES customer service, you should do the following:

Take photos of the accident:

  • Accident site
  • MILES vehicle
  • enemy vehicle (+ license plate) / fence / object / other obstacles etc.
  • Photo of the file number of the police

The rental must be terminated immediately after an accident.

  • You will then receive an accident report by e-mail in a timely manner.
  • Just follow the instructions described in the email.

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If you are unable to deposit your credit card, this may be due to various reasons: Before adding the credit card, your customer account will be checked for security reasons. If there are any inconsistencies, the credit card will not be added. Please contact our payment service provider LogPay Financial Services GmbH (mobility@logpay.de) for further information.

Another reason could be that your entries (credit card data, 3D-Secure check) were not verified during the deposit process. In this case, please contact your card-issuing bank or the respective credit institution. Technical reasons are also possible. In this case, please try again at a later date.

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Almost all e-cars are started by pressing down on the brake and then pressing the Start/Stop button, or by using the car key as usual (which can be found in the glove compartment). Please be aware that electric cars are very quiet while driving and that other road users might hardly be able to hear them. Driving with care and foresight is therefore particularly important. We recommend keeping your use of devices with a high energy consumption – like the heating system, air conditioning and radio – to a minimum, to avoid the battery running down too quickly.

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The drivers will take you to the specific destination you requested. MOIA shuttles cannot stop for passengers. Disembarking earlier than planned isn’t possible in the majority of cases. This is because this would make it impossible to create routes for the MOIA shuttles.

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Please check with your health insurance company to find out whether the cost of shuttle services are covered and whether hvv switch invoices are valid documents for receiving compensation.

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This is due to the fact that you have activated services for which this information is mandatory and/or a validation has already been provided. Of course, you can edit this information at any time. For example, if you got married or changed your mobile number. Please note that our services can no longer be used without access to this mandatory data.

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Unfortunately, the current version of the hvv switch app doesn’t yet offer the option of booking a child seat. However, there’s a legal obligation when transporting small children in shuttle vehicles to use a child seat.

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