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How are the hvv switch points shown in the app?

The hvv switch points are displayed in the car sharing section of the app on the map view as a red pin with a hvv switch icon. If you have not rented a car at the moment, it works like this: A small number on the pin shows you the number of cars that are bookable via the hvv switch app.

Clicking on the hvv switch dot will show you the name and address of the hvv switch dot as well as details about the cars that can be booked. The available cars can be clicked on. This way you can get detailed information and also start a reservation or rental if needed.

You will be shown the walking distance and the distance to the hvv switch point directly in the app on the map.

Important: cambio vehicles can also park at the hvv switch point. However, these are not displayed in the detailed view because this provider is not yet integrated into the hvv switch app and therefore cannot yet be booked via hvv switch.

If you are currently traveling in a rented car, this is how it works:

During an ongoing reservation or rental, the view of the pins changes in the app: The simple number at the top right of the pin (rentable cars) becomes a "PX". The "X" in "PX" stands for the number of free parking spaces on the hvv switch points to help you find a free parking space.

When you find or are shown a hvv switch point with charging infrastructure, you will notice another number on the pin, one with a lightning symbol. This number indicates how many charging points are currently free at the hvv switch point.

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