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How does hvv Any work?

How hvv Any works

  • You activate hvv Any before you start your journey, so that hvv Any recognises your starting point in the hvv as well as the bus, train or ferry you are using. hvv Any then creates a ticket for you that covers 100% of your journey with the hvv.
  • hvv Any then remembers your journeys, even if you change trains. So you don't have to do anything actively. Before activating hvv Any, you can add up to four children and/or adults; also within the day for a new journey.
  • You will only be checked out of the hvv when hvv Any recognises that you are obviously no longer travelling in the hvv.
  • In the background, hvv Any will calculate the cheapest ticket for all your journeys. You will then receive an invoice for this on the following day.
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