How do I start or end a charging process at a charging station?

SIXT share

  • Unlock the connector with the charging card from the car.
  • Depending on the provider, you will find the charging card in the center console of the car, in the glove compartment or below the windshield.
  • Then hold the card up to the reader at the station to activate it.
  • Check which charging station you are in front of. There are charging ports that already have a cable. If there is no cable, use the cable from the trunk.
  • Now connect the cable to the charging port and the car.
  • After successful connection, a corresponding message will appear on the charging station display. Don't forget to put the charging card back in its place in the car and you're done!
  • Disconnecting the charging cable

Unlock the car and open the tailgate.

  • Pull out the charging cable from the car first, then from the charging station.  
  • If the cable cannot be disconnected, press the lock symbol in the driver's door on the ID.3/ID.4 model. Everything ready?
  • Simply stow the charging cable in the trunk.

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Charging e-cars via the hvv switch app is currently not yet possible, neither at hvv switch points nor at public charging stations.


The hvv switch charging infrastructure can also be used by all e-powered SHARE NOW cars. Here the information on the website of SHARE NOW will help you.