SIXT share

offers its rental and drop-off service at Hamburg Airport and other airports where SIXT has a service region. This service is subject to additional costs. You can find out at SIXT share which locations cost extra to have vehicles rented from or returned to, as well as what costs are involved. Please note that not all SIXT share rates are valid for hvv switch. Only the functionalities of the connected partner services offered in the app can be booked using the mobility platform hvv switch.

You will find the SIXT share station at Hamburg Airport in the multi-storey car park at the P2 terminal.


offers rental and drop-off at Hamburg Airport and other selected airports located within their business areas. There are no extra costs for ending your trip or renting a car. If your journey ends at one of the airports, the barriers to the parking deck open automatically, there is no need to draw a ticket. Further information can be found here.


At Hamburg Airport, you can start and end your rental at the car-sharing parking spaces for a flat fee of €7.90 each. You can find these parking spaces here:
Car park P2, area B, upper deck (opposite Terminal 1, Departures).

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SIXT share and WeShare cars can be reserved for 15 minutes, MILES cars for 10 minutes. If you do not start the rental within this time, the reservation expires free of charge and the car is released again.

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New vehicle damage to a carsharing car should be reported directly to the respective customer service.

In the hvv switch app you can display already reported damage of the reserved car for inspection before the start of the rental. At this point, you will have the opportunity to contact the respective customer service directly by phone to give up new damages.

If you notice any damage to a SIXT share car, please send an email with license plate number and photo(s) directly to schaden@sixt.com before you start your trip.

If you identify damage at a TIER e-scooter, please report it to the TIER customer service.

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SIXT share

You will find the car key for SIXT share vehicles in the glove compartment. Please put the car key back in this glove compartment once you park up at the end of your rental, and then lock the car using the app. If the key isn’t in the glove compartment as it should be, please contact SIXT share customer service.


MILES cars and Mercedes Sprinters can be opened via the start/stop button. The other transporters are started with an ignition key, which is located in the glove compartment.


There is no car key for the WeShare cars. You simply open the cars via the app, press the brake or the start/stop button and you can drive off.

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You can only end the rental in the same country that the vehicle was initially rented. Either within the service region of a particular city where our sharing partner operate, at a hvv switch point within the Hamburg service region, or at a SIXT station (when you have rented a SIXT share car). You must make sure that the vehicle is properly parked in a designated parking space on a public road where parking is permitted for a 48-hour period in accordance with road traffic regulations. The rental vehicle may not be left in parking zones with parking discs or in resident parking spaces.

If you’d like to return your car to a SIXT share station, you can find more information here.

In principle, parking is not permitted in the following places or on the following areas:

  • In multi-storey car parks, underground car parks or on other covered parking spaces
  • In private parking (parking garage, backyard)
  • In residential parking lots
  • In parking spaces with a time limit, which still comes into force within 48h after parking the vehicle (see GTC).
  • On marked parking spaces for electric vehicles (exception: electric vehicles)
  • In no-parking areas that are outlined in red on the map in the hvv switch app
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The hvv switch points are displayed in the car sharing section of the hvv switch app, in the map view, as red pins with a hvv switch icon.

If you haven’t rented a car at that particular moment, it works like this:

  • A small number on the pin shows you the number of cars that can be booked using the hvv switch app.
  • Clicking on the hvv switch point will show you the name and address of the hvv switch point, along with details about the cars that can be rented with hvv switch. The available cars can be clicked on. This gives you access to all the details and, if you wish, lets you start a reservation or rental.
  • Both the distance and walking distance to the particular hvv switch point are displayed to you directly on the map in the app.

Important: Vehicles from other providers such as SHARE NOW, MILES and Cambio can be parked at hvv switch points. Please note though that these vehicles are not displayed in the detailed view of the parked vehicles due to the fact that these providers aren’t yet integrated into the hvv switch app and cannot yet be booked using hvv switch.

If you’re currently driving in a rented car, this is how it works:

  • During an ongoing reservation or rental, the way you see the pins changes in the app: The simple number at the top right of the pin (rentable cars) becomes a “PX”. The “X” in “PX” stands for the number of free parking spaces at the particular hvv switch point. This is designed to help you find a parking space to park up the car.
  • If you find or are shown a hvv switch station with charging infrastructure, you will notice another number on the pin, namely one with a lightning symbol. This number indicates how many charging points are currently available at the hvv switch station.
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If you cannot stop renting, contact the respective customer service of our partners.

You can check these points first, however, and then your problem may resolve itself:

  • Is the engine really off?
  • Are all doors and windows closed?
  • Has the fuel or charging card been returned to its designated place in the car?
  • Is the car parked within the business area?
  • Does your mobile phone have reception?
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You start the ID.3/ID.4 by holding down the brake pedal and then engaging a gear. The gearstick is located on the right behind the steering wheel. Turn the switch from the "Neutral (N)" position either forward to "Drive (D)" or back to "Reverse (R)". Now step on the accelerator as usual to start driving. To park, press "P" on the right side of the gearstick - this is the parking position and activates the handbrake.

Tip: The car saves energy while driving if you put the gearstick lever in "B". This mode charges the battery as soon as you take your foot off the accelerator.

Here you can find a video that explains this in more detail.

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