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You can only end the rental in the same country that the vehicle was initially rented. Either within the service region of a particular city where our sharing partner operate, at a hvv switch point within the Hamburg service region, or at a SIXT station (when you have rented a SIXT share car). You must make sure that the vehicle is properly parked in a designated parking space on a public road where parking is permitted for a 48-hour period in accordance with road traffic regulations. The rental vehicle may not be left in parking zones with parking discs or in resident parking spaces.

If you’d like to return your car to a SIXT share station, you can find more information here.

In principle, parking is not permitted in the following places or on the following areas:

  • In multi-storey car parks, underground car parks or on other covered parking spaces
  • In private parking (parking garage, backyard)
  • In residential parking lots
  • In parking spaces with a time limit, which still comes into force within 48h after parking the vehicle (see GTC).
  • On marked parking spaces for electric vehicles (exception: electric vehicles)
  • In no-parking areas that are outlined in red on the map in the hvv switch app
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SIXT share

The vehicle registration document is located in the glove compartment of SIXT share cars.


For administrative reasons, no copies of the vehicle registration document are stored in MILES cars. If necessary (e.B. at a police check) they will be provided by email.

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You can park SIXT share or MILES cars free of charge in any publicly accessible car park located within the service regions in a particular city, on the hvv switch stations and on Sixt share / MILES parking spaces at the Hamburg Airport. Please make sure you display a parking disc in “parking ticket zones”. You don’t need to purchase a parking ticket here. In areas with signs indicating “parking disc zones”, the time you are permitted to park is also limited. Please display the parking disc in your car in a way that is clearly visible. You cannot end a rental and leave the car in one of these “parking disc zones”, but it is possible to park there for a limited time during your rental.

You will find a comprehensive summary of the basic parking regulations for SIXT share in Hamburg by visiting SIXT share and MILES. Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with these rules and note that different rules apply outside the Hamburg service region.

As a general rule, parking guidelines apply according to local road traffic regulations. You can find out here in our FAQ what you need to pay attention to when parking outside of a service region, or in a multi-storey car park.

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The hvv switch points are displayed in the car sharing section of the hvv switch app, in the map view, as red pins with a hvv switch icon.

If you haven’t rented a car at that particular moment, it works like this:

  • A small number on the pin shows you the number of cars that can be booked using the hvv switch app.
  • Clicking on the hvv switch point will show you the name and address of the hvv switch point, along with details about the cars that can be rented with hvv switch (only SIXT share and MILES at the moment). The available cars can be clicked on. This gives you access to all the details and, if you wish, lets you start a reservation or rental.
  • Both the distance and walking distance to the particular hvv switch point are displayed to you directly on the map in the app.

Important: Vehicles from other providers such as SHARE NOW, MILES and Cambio can be parked at hvv switch points. Please note though that these vehicles are not displayed in the detailed view of the parked vehicles due to the fact that these providers aren’t yet integrated into the hvv switch app and cannot yet be booked using hvv switch.

If you’re currently driving in a rented car, this is how it works:

  • During an ongoing reservation or rental, the way you see the pins changes in the app: The simple number at the top right of the pin (rentable cars) becomes a “PX”. The “X” in “PX” stands for the number of free parking spaces at the particular hvv switch point. This is designed to help you find a parking space to park up the car.
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In order to use services that require a driving licence, your driving licence must be checked at regular intervals. We are obliged to check the validity of your licence at least every two years. Once you have re-validated your licence, the validity date for all services requiring a licence will be adjusted and you will be able to use them again immediately.

As soon as you have your renewed driving licence, you can revalidate it via the hvv switch app. To do this, select 'Your driving licence' in the menu and click on the button 'Validate driving licence' to enter your new driving licence data and then start the online validation.