Please wait until the relevant authority sends you a payment request directly. The authority that issues the request will obtain your contact details from the owner of the car sharing vehicle in order to identify the car sharing customer who was the driver of the vehicle at the time of the traffic offence. The document you will receive by post contains all the information you need to settle the payment request.

SIXT share

You will also be charged a handling fee by SIXT share, which will be settled via hvv switch using the method of payment used for the original booking. Of course, you will also be sent a receipt for this transaction by e-mail as usual.


The authority first sends MILES the ticket. As soon as you have been identified as a driver, MILES will forward this to the authority. You will then receive the ticket from MILES by e-mail. The original will be sent to you by the fine office by post.

The ticket must be transferred directly to the authority. In addition, MILES will charge you a processing fee, which we will debit from your deposited payment method.


The authority will contact WeShare. WeShare will contact you directly to clarify the details. Here you can find an overview of all relevant expense allowances at WeShare.


Also in the case of TIER or Voi, it may be that a fine is levied for an administrative offence. They will then come to you. The cost of additional fees can be found here.

If you receive a parking ticket and you don’t think it is justified, your best option is to contact the sender of the ticket, i.e. the issuing authority, directly.

This problem can occur for a variety of reasons. Make sure you have carefully followed the instructions to start a ride. If the scooter still doesn't want the way you want it to, please contact hvv switch customer service and we will help you in every possible way! In order for us to be able to help you in the best possible way, our customer service needs the following information:

  • How did you unlock the scooter?
  • How did the scooter react? Have the lights turned on? Did he make any noises?
  • Did you get an error message in the app? Did the engine start after the kickstart?
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When a journey is started in the hvv switch app, the system reserves a fixed amount, also known as a pre-authorisation. This is to ensure that you have enough credit on your payment method to be able to pay for the journey later. At the end of the journey, only the amount actually used is collected; the remaining amount is released again afterwards.

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In order to ensure safety for you and others, every driver must adhere to the following rules:

  • Follow the applicable traffic rules.
  • You must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Be attentive and drive wisely. Pay attention to large vehicles, do not drive in the blind spot, and always be focused. Pay attention to your surroundings, traffic, and pedestrians.
  • Make sure your phone battery is enough to finish your ride.
  • Check the battery level of your chosen e-scooter to ensure a safe ride.
  • On an eScooter, 0.00% is considered the alcohol limit.
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No, this is not possible. Only in Hamburg can you use TIER and Voi via the hvv switch app.

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  • Find a TIER or Voi eScooter near you via the hvv switch app and scan the QR code to see all the details about the e-scooter. You can open the camera for scanning by clicking on the QR code icon on the dashboard and allowing the camera to be used.
  • Put one foot on the running board, put your hands on the handlebars and push your foot three to four times to get going.
  • Put both feet on the running board when you're ready to accelerate and start your ride.
  • Use the right lever to gain speed and the handbrake to slow down.
  • Please, note that the new eScooters do not have a rear foot brake. Brake when going downhill.
  • Do not exceed the speed limit of 20km/h.
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Keep the following things in mind when you have reached your destination and want to park your eScooter:

  • Make sure you are within the business area. This is marked on the map for you.
  • You should not be in a prohibition zone. This is visible as a red area on the map. You cannot finish a ride in this area. If you are at the border of the parking ban, it may be that the ride cannot be completed due to slight GPS deviations. This can be easily fixed if you drive a little deeper into the business area.
  • The parking space you have chosen must not block public paths, sidewalks, cycle paths, zebra crossings, pedestrian traffic lights, hvv stops, driveways or building entrances of any kind.
  • You are not allowed to park on private property or in backyards.
  • Always park the eScooter upright.
  • The parking spaces of the hvv switch stations are reserved for our car sharing partners. E-scooters may not be parked there.
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  • Make sure that you are within the business area: it is marked for you on the map. You must not be in a prohibition zone. This is also visible as a red area on the map.
  • Slides the side stand down.
  • Open the app and tap "End Rental" once to end the ride.

Are you having trouble finishing your ride? Then look under "What if you can't finish your ride?"

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  • Circle around the area a bit to give the GPS a chance to locate you properly.
  • Restart the hvv switch app and checks whether there are any new updates in the App Store.

If you still can't finish your ride, please check if you are within the allowed zone (designated business area). Areas outside the business zone and the prohibition zones are marked in red. Note that you cannot end your journey outside the business area or in a prohibited zone.

If none of the options solve the problem, please contact the hvv switch customer service (by e-mail with screenshots of the error you receive in the app, the ID of the TIER or Voi eScooter and a description of the problem.

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TIER: The maximum rental time of a TIER e-scooter is two hours. After 120 minutes, the ride is automatically terminated.

Voi: The maximum rental period of a Voi e-scooter is one hour. After 60 minutes, the ride ends automatically.

The providers have set a maximum ride duration to ensure that your account is not charged unnecessarily if you forget to end your ride.

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