Can you refuel or recharge SHARE NOW cars? | hvv switch | hvv switch

Can you refuel or recharge SHARE NOW cars?

Unfortunately, we are not yet able to offer you a refueling or charging function for SHARE NOW vehicles within the app.


You can charge the SHARE NOW e-cars with the charging card in the car. You can find out exactly how to do this here.


If you urgently need fuel for your car, e.g. to get back to the business area, the fuel costs must be paid privately. Send the receipts to after the journey, stating the booking number, license plate number and account details. After successful verification, the fuel costs will be reimbursed by SHRE NOW. However, the check may take some time - please be patient.

Important for you to know: Charging and refueling cars at hvv switch is not incentivized by e.g. free minutes or credits or similar.

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