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At the Ernst Deutsch Theatre with Stephan A. Tölle

Every hvv switch point is a story in itself - and an invitation to make a point. More than 190 hvv switch points in Hamburg offer a variety of ways to get from A to anywhere. We introduce you to exciting people from Hamburg - on their routes through the city. This time we meet actor Stephan A. Tölle.

The Hamburg actor Stephan A. Tölle in a MILES car at a charging station on an hvv switch point.Most people know him as an undertaker or a policeman - from TV series such as Nord bei Nordwest or Nord Nord Mord: Hamburg actor Stephan A. Tölle has played many roles in his life, whether in TV films, on stage in the theatre or at the Karl May plays in Bad Segeberg. He is usually cast as the "civil servant type", as he says himself. "This very correct person who perhaps still has a little abyss. I also feel very comfortable with that."

For hvv switch, he has already played the trainer Johann in the hvv switch clips several times, a quirky guy in a red tracksuit. In the short films, he explains with a lot of irony how to use the hvv switch app correctly - and what you should avoid doing on the road. Sometimes on an e-scooter, sometimes in the car with his mum or at the bus stop with his new flame.

We meet Stephan around the corner from the Ernst Deutsch Theatre, at the hvv switch point in Birkenau.

Stephan, do you live nearby, or are we meeting here because of the theatre?

Because of the proximity to the Ernst Deutsch Theatre! I've often enjoyed being on stage here. That's why I need this hvv switch point more often. My flat is actually on the other side of the Alster: in Altona - Nord.

You've performed at many theatres in Hamburg - but you're not a native of Hamburg, right?

No. I come from Dülmen, the city of wild horses in Münsterland. I came to Hamburg in 1996 because of the Margot Höpfner Studio drama school, and at first I really didn't have a good time here...

Oh dear. Why?

The drama school was mentally challenging. I had an older and strict teacher who believed in me, but also always questioned a lot...

Can you remember your first days in the city?

In my memory, the Hallerstraße underground station pops up, then I walked through the beautiful Harvestehude neighbourhood to my audition at drama school. I lived in the Grindel tower blocks. In the early days, I went to the Kammerspiele a lot, saw great theatre and dreamed of going there. That was the time with Ulrich Tukur and Ulrich Waller, fantastic. But otherwise the time was demanding and I was often depressed. Every Friday I stood at Dammtor station to go back to my old home - I didn't want to conquer the Schanze yet, I just wanted to get away. So I was happy when my time at the school was over and I could leave Hamburg.

But you still came back?

Yes, 20 years ago. I had fallen in love with a Hamburg girl at the theatre in Braunschweig. So I came back and left the drama school trauma behind me: I went to Ohlsdorf cemetery and laid flowers on the grave of Ida Ehre and Gustaf Gründgens, who had already passed away. After that I could start to breathe, work and like Hamburg.

How do you get around the city these days?

A lot by bike and the underground. Getting into a car-sharing car or fishing a scooter out of the Elbe is also practical, of course. When I have friends over, I take the U3 underground with them: you can see the Elphi, the Elbe, nobody needs a tour bus here! I also like to take the hvv boats a lot when I have visitors. Or Moia, which is like flying a spaceship. As I've known since my involvement with hvv switch: you can book everything in the app!

Speaking of theatre in Hamburg: what's on at the moment that you would recommend?

Hamburg's theatre is the premier league - with theatres like the Schauspielhaus and the Thalia - there's always a good selection. I want to see MACBETH at the Schauspielhaus, Merlin Sandmeyer in Kafka at the Thalia Theatre. The perfect secret at the St. Pauli Theatre. And what I highly recommend is the Junges Schauspielhaus on Wiesendamm, they do great theatre for young people, simply magical.

And do you have any favourite places in Hamburg away from the stage?

The Millerntor stadium. I'm a traditional St Pauli fan and of course a member of the club. And what I also love is the Café Unter den Linden in the Schanze, you can spend many hours there.

The Hamburg actor Stephan A. Tölle in a MILES car at a hvv switch point.

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