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Hamburg's largest mobility solution experienced for the first time!

The hvv Any test phase will end on the 31st of October 2022.

Thanks to your journeys, the numerous feedbacks and your high willingness to communicate, we were able to improve hvv Any in many aspects during the test phase and adapt our concept to your needs. Nevertheless, we still have a lot of work ahead of us to analyse all your findings and to transfer them into the product.

We say thank you.

A small hint: Since 25.10, an amount of €25.95 has been earmarked for each day you make a journey with Any on your payment method. However, due to the 100% discount, no money will be debited.

A test is a test is a test.

Our start into the test phase was a bit bumpy: the link to confirm the registration didn't work for a (short) while etc.. But we are testing. And thanks to your help, the errors, or bugs, were quickly recognised and also corrected. A test phase like this lives from your feedback, and that's the only way we can get better. Therefore, our team is looking forward to your further feedback on the use of hvv Any. So write to us at hvv.any@hochbahn.de.

On this page we would like to give you the most important information and also keep you up to date about the test.

Update 29th of August

Due to a technical error, tickets were displayed incorrectly last week (22nd - 28th of August). Of course, the tickets were still valid for the users who were affected. The journeys of the users were recorded, but unfortunately not displayed correctly. In the coming days, however, they will be displayed again in the app.

Good news: The corresponding error has already been found and corrected. Thanks to your feedback! Have fun trying it out and thank you for helping to make hvv Any even better.

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Important to know.

In order to activate and use hvv Any in the hvv switch app, you must enable some permissions before activating hvv Any:


With the location authorisation, we record your location via the GPS location of your end device. Based on this data your journey will be calculated later.


The Bluetooth authorisation is used to record Bluetooth beacons distributed in the network, which we use, for example, to compensate for weak GPS positioning at underground stations.

Physical activity

We use the movement information to improve the automatic completion of the journey on the basis of the recorded movement profiles.

Fitness Tracking

If you use iOS, it is important that your fitness tracking is generally turned on. Otherwise, the authorisation cannot be given at all. You can find this setting in the settings under Privacy / Exercise & Fitness /. The fitness log must be activated here.


Even though hvv Any is free of charge, you have to deposit a means of payment. Either link a PayPal account or deposit a credit card (American Express, Visa or Mastercard).

Your most important questions so far

I try to check in, but the app reports that I am not in the tariff area?

Depending on the smartphone, it can take up to 30 seconds for the current location to be determined when location services are activated. So if you see this error message in the tariff area, your location has not yet been determined by the location services of the smartphone. This can be prevented by activating the location services permanently or by allowing an appropriate amount of time to elapse between the start of the app, including activation of the location services, and the start of the journey.

How do I get checked out?

When hvv Any has found out that you are no longer travelling and you are no longer at a stop, you can either check out yourself or hvv Any will do it for you. This can also happen a little later. However, you will only be charged up to the last stop to which you travelled or at which you got off. It doesn't matter how long you stay checked in afterwards.

What do I do if I change trains?

If you change trains, you remain checked in because hvv Any recognises that you are still at a stop. If a change takes longer, please check if you are still checked in before continuing your journey. Sometimes, if the waiting time is very long, hvv Any may assume that you have finished your journey. If you are no longer checked in but would like to continue your journey, simply check yourself in again.

How do I behave during a ticket inspection?

Show your hvv Any ticket to the ticket inspectors. If you have checked in, but your hvv Any ticket is not present at a ticket inspection, this will be considered as travelling without a valid ticket. Please, contact hvv.any@hochbahn.de. We will check whether there was a technical problem.

Does the hvv switch app have to be running the whole time when using hvv Any?

Yes, when using hvv Any, the hvv switch app must be running the entire time and must not be closed, otherwise no data can be recorded for the calculation of the journey. This does not mean that the screen has to be switched on all the time or that no other apps can be used on your smartphone while you are using hvv Any. The hvv switch app must not be closed. If the app is not active for too long (max. 2 minutes) your driving authorisation will be withdrawn.

I cannot start a journey with the Android app. What should I do?

We have found an error in the initial activation of hvv Any and are working on an update. In the short term, it may help to perform the initial activation with a stable internet connection (e.g. in WLAN) and / or to close and restart the app.

I have not received an invitation for my Apple ID?

The email with the download link for Testflight (Apple Beta application) comes directly from Apple. Please also check your spam folders. All registered users who have entered a correct Apple ID should have received an invitation. If you have not received an invitation, please contact hvv.any@hochbahn.de and we will work with you to see what the problem is.

Why do I have to deposit a means of payment? Isn't the test phase supposed to be free?

We need a means of payment so that we can map all processes: PayPal or credit card (American Express, Visa or Mastercard). This is the only way we can map the entire sales process for you and for us. The costs of your journeys will be shown to you under "my journeys" on the following day. You will also receive an invoice by e-mail. Thanks to the hvv Any discount of 100% for the use of the hvv, which is valid during the test phase, your deposited means of payment will not be debited.

Can I take people with me and how do I do that? Can I travel 1st class?

In principle, hvv An allows you to take up to four people with you - children as well as adults. The settings for this can be found above the "Start journey" button, and the number of persons can be edited using the stylus. You can also select the class of transport at the same point. The settings remain valid throughout the day unless you actively change them before the next journey.

Where is the hvv Any travel authorisation valid?

The travel authorisation is valid within the hvv tariff area in the rings A-F (excluding the district of Steinburg).

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