hvv switch tariff zones

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The ring matter.

We often get asked why the tariff zones in our hvv switch app can only be selected between Rings A to B and Rings A to F. By contrast, it’s possible to choose more specific zones in the hvv online shop and in the hvv app.

hvv zone afOur aim is to deliver quick and easy access to mobility. That’s why, as we launch hvv switch, we’ve made sure that our range of tickets includes those hvv tickets that are purchased most frequently. We currently offer more than 80% of the ticket purchases possible in the hvv app. Four rings, for example, is a ticket that isn’t sold very frequently. It also involves the passenger having to specify the four rings they want to travel in. We’ve aimed to keep things simple – offering our users straightforward ticketing and a smaller range of products. Making the full choice of different ticket options available would make the booking process very complicated for you.

hvv switch will be evolving in line with your needs though, and we will be extending our range of tickets. This will take some time however, as we’re working on lots of different areas in the app at the same time. And due to the fact that we’re always aiming to make each process and step as simple as possible for you, the user.

Of course, you can still buy tickets from our full range available in the hvv app or in the hvv online shop. You can also learn more about hvv tariffs in the hvv FAQ: Service / Frequently asked questions / Tickets – general information.

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