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Felt facts versus valid numbers

Here at hvv switch and at our partner MOIA, we hear the same claim over and over: that MOIA shuttles are always empty.

moia ridesharing hamburg hvv switchIf you think you’ve seen an empty MOIA driving around the streets of Hamburg, it might be to do with the fact that people sitting in the back of the vehicle are hardly visible from the outside. 90% of the time though, the MOIAs are on their way to a specific destination, either to pick up a new customer, or to stop off at a charging station or for a driver break. Having said that, there are of course still some empty shuttles at the moment.

The MOIA algorithm basically works as follows: If a passenger’s route matches the route of a shuttle you’ve already ordered (without affecting your arrival time), both trips are bundled together into one MOIA. If accepting the second shuttle request requires too big a diversion though (i.e. one that would postpone your arrival time), MOIA won’t combine it with your MOIA trip. This means that, even when you might be trying unsuccessfully to book a shuttle, a seemingly empty MOIA will drive past. It simply means that another passenger has already booked a trip and their route doesn’t match up with where you want to go. MOIA’s pooling rate, meaning the proportion of shared trips where the passengers board at different stops, is currently 60%.

As the fleet continues to grow, MOIA will be able to handle even more trip requests and keep on improving the pooling and occupancy rate of its vehicles.

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