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Art from the vending machine for four euros.

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The Art Vending Machine in Hamburg-Eppendorf

The art vending machine of the Hamburg-Eppendorf cultural centre.Cigarettes, pizza, soap, eggs - in Hamburg you can buy many products from vending machines. Even art in some places. For example at Brakula e.V., the Brahmfelder Kulturladen, or at the Kunstklinik in Eppendorf. You can buy a small box there for 4 euros. The small cigarette packet-sized boxes contain paintings, sculptures and pictures designed by one of the participating artists. Each small work of art is accompanied by the artist's CV and contact details.

The art vending machine project was launched by Lars Kaiser in 2001. There are now over 300 Art-To-Go vending machines across Germany. Each vending machine is uniquely designed. The aim of each individual piece is to establish direct art communication between the artist and the art buyer - without detours via galleries, museums, exhibitions or third parties.

This has become a recipe for success beyond the country's borders: Belgium, Holland, Spain, Austria, France and recently even New Zealand - the art vending machines can be found everywhere. And in Bramfeld and Eppendorf.

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