hvv switch development

Not that simple for us. But soon very simple for you.

The plan is, of course, to offer even more services with the hvv switch app, beyond hvv tickets and MOIA shuttles. And we’re working on the integration of additional partner offers right now.

Step by step. Service by service.

To begin with, we’ll be integrating additional mobility services into hvv switch. Besides Carsharing, Bikesharing will also be included. Other mobility services such as Hamburg taxis, scooters and e-scooters are all currently being considered too. Integration of additional payment methods like direct debit or credit card is also on the agenda. And, of course, the development of the hvv service with an extended range of hvv tickets for purchase.

Last but not least, we’ll also be incorporating features available with the existing hvv app. These will also be reviewed and optimised from a technical and user point of view, with the aim of simplifying them for the hvv switch app.

We’ll try to be as transparent as possible in keeping you informed about the ongoing development of the hvv switch app.


Some of you might be thinking: Other providers are doing this already, so why aren’t you? An understandable response, of course. If it weren’t for a couple of “Buts”.

The first “But” is down to a very simple reason:

We strive to think in new and different ways. Instead of simply reproducing the functionality of our partners directly, we take a moment to reflect and ask questions. And try to re-interpret this functionality for our users in the process. Aiming above all for simplicity: it has to be quick and easy. And it has to be intuitive to use, and in line with the way we see the mobility of the future. And, of course, it has to be easy-access.

The second “But” is more technical in nature:

Many of the services offered by other mobility service providers have been developed for the sole purpose of either providing one single service or bundling several different services together from the very outset. In both cases, there is a technical infrastructure in place that has been set up for this one purpose only. This results in advantages we don’t have access to.

  • Our technical infrastructure was not previously geared towards the technical integration of external services. That’s why we’re completely rebuilding this infrastructure with the hvv switch project. And this involves spending a great deal on personnel and other resources, and, above all, investing the time.
  • If we want to integrate a partner service that’s been available up to now through one single app, this partner also has to open up the technology behind their app and build interfaces with our app. Both in the backend, i.e. the technical infrastructure operating in the background, and in the frontend, i.e. the features that users access in the app itself. This also involves investments in personnel, resources, and time. Both for our partners and for us.

In a nutshell: hvv switch needs to be simple. And that’s precisely why it’s very complex, requiring foresight and sufficient time. In both the planning and implementation phases.

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