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This is how hvv Any works

With hvv Any you no longer have to think about which ticket you need for your journey with the hvv. Because you simply check into the hvv via hvv switch with hvv Any and start travelling wherever you want to go. hvv Any takes care of the most suitable and cheapest ticket for you and is available in the hvv tariff rings A-F.

This is how hvv Any works:

  • You activate hvv Any before you start your journey so that your starting point is recognised in the hvv as well as the bus, train or ferry you are using. hvv Any generates a ticket that covers 100% of your journey with the hvv.
  • hvv Any remembers your journeys, even if you change trains. You do not have to do anything actively. Before activating hvv Any, you can add up to four children and/or adults, even during the day before you start your journey again.
  • You will only be checked out of the hvv when hvv Any recognises that you are obviously no longer travelling in the hvv.
  • In the background, hvv Any calculates the most suitable and cheapest ticket for all your journeys. You will receive an invoice for this the following day.

In order to activate and use hvv Any, you must enable some permissions before activating hvv Any:

  • Location: With the location authorisation, we record your location via the GPS location of your end device. Your journey will later be calculated on the basis of this data.
  • Bluetooth: With the Bluetooth authorisation, Bluetooth beacons distributed in the network are recorded, which we use, for example, to compensate for weak GPS positioning at underground stations.
  • Physical activity: With the movement information, we improve the automatic completion of the journey based on the recorded movement profiles.
  • Fitness tracking: If you use iOS, it is important that your fitness log is generally turned on. Otherwise, the authorisation cannot be granted. You can find this setting under Privacy/Movement & Fitness. The fitness log must be activated here.

That's what hvv Any offers:

  • Simple, fast and intuitive. You no longer have to actively buy a ticket (in the sense of several steps: Enter A and B, confirm purchase function, etc.).
  • Effortless, time-saving and foolproof: You don't need any fare knowledge and don't have to worry about it.
  • Flexible, simplifying and fair. You always travel at the lowest price, without worrying about how much, how long and where you travel.

What means of payment are available to you with hvv Any?

  • In order to use hvv Any, you must deposit a means of payment. Either you link a PayPal account, a bank account for SEPA direct debit or you deposit a credit card (American Express, Visa or Mastercard).

All settings have been made, but you still cannot use hvv Any?

  • For IOS you need at least IOS 14.0. During the test phase we noticed early on that the smartphones have very different hardware installed. On a few devices, for example, the GPS modules are not sufficient to enable ride detection. Considering the mass of different smartphones, this fortunately only affects very few models.

Does the hvv Any app have to remain switched on during the entire period of use?

  • Yes, when using hvv Any, the app must run without interruption and must not be closed, otherwise no data can be recorded for the calculation of the journey.
  • This does not mean that the screen must be switched on the entire time or that no other apps can be used on your smartphone while using hvv Any. It is just that the hvv Any app must not be closed. If the app is not active for too long (max. 2 minutes), your driving privileges will be revoked.

You will not be able to start a journey with your mobile phone (Android). What should you do?

  • In the short term, it may help to carry out the first activation with a stable internet connection (e.g. in the WLAN) and/or to close the app and restart it.

Can you use hvv Any with more than one person?

  • In principle, hvv Any can carry up to four people - children as well as adults. The settings for this can be found above the 'Start journey' button, and the number of people can be edited using the stylus.

Are children under 14 allowed to use hvv Any?

  • Children under the age of 14 are not allowed to use hvv Any.

Where is the travel authorisation of hvv Any valid?

  • With hvv Any you can only use public transport such as S-Bahn, U-Bahn, regional trains, buses and ferries within thvv area.
  • The travel authorisation is valid within the hvv tariff area in the rings A-F (excluding the district of Steinburg). You can check the tariff plan here.

How does checking out with hvv Any work?

  • When hvv Any has found out that you are no longer travelling and you are no longer at a stop, you can either check out yourself or hvv Any will do it for you. This can also happen a little later. You will only be charged up to the last stop to which you travelled or at which you got off. It doesn't matter how long you stay checked in afterwards.

How do you behave when changing trains?

  • If you change trains, you remain checked in because hvv Any recognises that you are still at a stop.
  • If a transfer takes longer, please check whether you are still checked in before continuing your journey.
  • Sometimes, if you are waiting for a long time, hvv Any may assume that you have finished your journey. If you are no longer checked in but would like to continue your journey, simply check yourself in again.

What do you do if you are checked in?

  • If you are checked in, your active journey will be displayed in the app after 90 seconds.
  • If you click on the active journey, your valid ticket will open.
  • If you have checked in, but the hvv Any ticket is not there at a ticket inspection, this will unfortunately be regarded as travelling without a valid ticket for the time being. Please contact hvv.any@hochbahn.de. We will check whether there was a technical problem.

You are trying to check in, but the app reports that you are not in the tariff area?

  • Depending on the smartphone used, it can take up to 30 seconds for the current location to be determined when location services are activated.
  • So if you see this error message in the tariff area, your location has not yet been determined by the location services of the smartphone.
  • This can be prevented by activating the location services permanently or by allowing an appropriate amount of time to elapse between the start of the app including activation of the location services and the start of the journey.

Is it possible to select a class other than 1st class?

  • Currently, the functionality for 1st class is not included in hvv Any.

When will you receive an invoice for the journeys you have made?

  • The invoice for your completed journey will be visible to you in the app after 72 hours at the latest.

Is the 7% online discount also taken into account in hvv Any?

  • The 7% discount is taken into account in all online sales platforms of the hvv and is also taken into account in hvv Any.

Can hvv Any be used with existing subscriptions?

  • A combination with hvv Any and subscriptions is currently not planned.

Does hvv Any allow the transport of bicycles?

  • There are currently no plans to allow the transport of bicycles.

How long is a normal operating day and when are the journeys billed?

  • The normal operating day runs from 00:00 to 06:00 the following day.
  • The evaluation of the journeys with hvv Any takes place daily at 06:00.
  • The billing period is 24 hours. hvv Any calculates the cheapest fare for your journeys per operating day. If a day ticket turns out to be the cheapest fare, only this fare will be charged.

Where can I find the data and privacy protection?